Maison Le Cler - Valtournenche, Aosta

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The municipality of Cervinia. A village similar to a crib, made up of 32 small hamlets (Cervinia is the largest and best known)

La Maison Le Cler is located in the hamlet of Moulin 2 km from the central hamlet of Paquer.
Maison Le Cler - Valtournenche, Aosta


Famous tourist resort for skiing and for the magnificent panorama of the Grandes Murailles that winds around the noblest rock in Europe, the Matterhorn, as defined by the great and famous De Saussure.

-7 km from the hotel-

Maison Le Cler - Valtournenche, Aosta


You can not fail to make a stop in Chamois, a few minutes from Maison Le Cler, this beautiful mountain village, with its 107 inhabitants, is the highest municipality in Europe.

Not reachable by car, but only on foot or by cable car, in part this is already the most important factor that makes Chamois so special. 

Maison Le Cler - Valtournenche, Aosta

Petit Monde Museum

At 20 minutes from Maison Le Cler, in the municipality of Torgnon, there is a beautiful ethnographic museum absolutely not to be missed.

A wonderful panorama but above all a discovery of the architectural culture of Valle d'Aosta with its rascards.An ancient village entirely renovated in a divine way.

Maison Le Cler - Valtournenche, Aosta

Col San Pantaléon

The most panoramic point of the pass is about 30 minutes from Maison Le Cler.

The panorama opens onto the entire Cervino valley and part of the central valley of the entire Aosta Valley.An infinite and marvelous view to add to a day of relaxation or to your return home. 
Maison Le Cler - Valtournenche, Aosta

Casino and Spa of Saint Vincent

At 15 minutes from Maison Le Cler you can play in one of the three Italian Casinos, the one in Saint Vincent. 

In the same village there are very interesting curative spas.

Maison Le Cler - Valtournenche, Aosta

Pont D'Ael

This marvelous work created in 3 B.C. is located in the entrance of the valley of Cogne. It is worth organizing a trip from Maison Le Cler to go and see it (just over an hour's drive). A renovation of impact that will leave you speechless. The walkway, from one side of the bridge to the other, passes, first where the water once flowed, then outdoors on the bridge and then inside the walls that support it, through a glass walkway, positioned on the voids that were created specifically to give balance to the structure.

Maison Le Cler - Valtournenche, Aosta


Valle D'Aosta is the region of Italy with the most castles if we compare the number to the size of the territory.

From each castle you can see another and this is because it was necessary to warn of the arrival of the enemy all the various fortresses within a short time.The closest castle to Maison Le Cler is the one in Fenis, which is a 20-minute drive away. Do not forget to visit the castle of Issogne, Fortress of Bard, Gressoney, Sarre and Saint Pierre.
Maison Le Cler - Valtournenche, Aosta
Maison Le Cler - Valtournenche, Aosta

Roman Amphitheatre and Cryptoporticus

Aosta is also called the little Rome because of the many Roman remains it preserves. A city that deserves a visit especially to its Roman Amphitheatre, the Cryptoporticus and its churches.

Maison Le Cler - Valtournenche, Aosta

Introd animal park

A beautiful trip, with or without children, starting from Maison Le Cler, is a visit to the Parco Animalier d'Introd, where all the animal species present in Valle D'Aosta are housed. You will be able to walk freely among the animals, watching foxes, marmots, chamois, ibexes, wild boars, deer, different kinds of birds, without forgetting, of course, the queen of the skies, the majestic golden eagle with its 2 meters and 30 of wingspan. 

- 1 hour and 15 minutes from the Maison Le Cler -
Maison Le Cler - Valtournenche, Aosta

SkyWay Courmayeur

Taking advantage of being in Valle D'Aosta, you cannot give up a visit to the SkyWay, just because you are an hour and a half away from Maison Le Cler.

In fact, the journey from our house to Courmayeur, will pass you by quickly, without making you notice the time passing, because crossing our region is a wonderful journey that will divert your gaze with every passing minute. 

Thanks to the SkyWay you can reach an altitude of 3,466 meters and find yourself among the most beautiful glaciers of Mont Blanc.